6-26-14 by: ADNIN

So what do you have lined up to keep the kids busy, off the t.v. / video games and outside this summer? Not the easiest thing to do. So when my kids were young (say between the ages of 8 and 12) I would send them to summer camp that was full of outdoor activity. These camps are all over the place and the kids can discover interests that you may never have the chance to expose them to. For example in my family we spent a lot of vacations camping (even taking a cross country camping trip) but we did not do any rock climbing, surfing, rafting, cannoning or anything like that. It was at a summer camp that my son discovered an interest in rock climbing and white water rafting.,0,450x300/

Here is an example of the kind of climbing that the kids can experience. You can sign up for some of these activities at in Rochester, N.Y. I would send my son to something like this when he was young and he just loved it. Sometime the kids are a little afraid getting started but usually by the end of the first day they can’t wait to go back.

And how about letting them experience a nice peaceful canoe ride down a river or for something more exciting some white water rafting on a river with rapids. You just have to see what is in your area. For the younger kids it is usually some type of day camp where you drop them off about 8:00 and pick them up bout 4:30 or 5:00. So they are gone all day with other kids their age and doing something fun. Another benefit of something like this is that they are usually exhausted when they come home and ready for bed after dinner and a bath.

When they are teenagers of course there are camps that they can travel to and take a longer adventure like for a week. If they really discover something they love then a week long camp of climbing for example can be perfect. These of course can be very expensive especially if they have to travel and spend airfare.

And it goes without saying that you need to investigate the camp and make sure they are safe because if not run properly these activities can be dangerous. So anyway look for something exciting in your area and send them to do something they won’t forget.