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We took a lot of outdoor camping trips when our children were young and they always loved it. Of course for the parents it is more work than staying in a hotel but in many ways it is more relaxing and much cheaper. The most important thing is to be really prepared for the trip. I would recommend staying in a campground with some activates if the children are really young. Something like a KOA with a pool. Also the KOAs have Camping Cabins which we stayed in when we took a cross country trip. You can get information from this site .

Of course there are many size cabins and we always stayed in ones smaller than this one but you get the idea. This is great if you are arriving late and are too tired to set up a tent. I would check into making a reservation because these do tend to fill up.

When our kids where older (say 4 and up) we would stay in national and state parks. One of our favorites was Leo Carrillo State Park in California. It was so much fun going to fall asleep listening to the waves and then waking up early to the same sound. We were just steps from the ocean and could swim and buggy board. The water there is a little rough and cold. So bring your wetsuit and always be careful. (By the way if you are from the east coast and have never been in the Pacific Ocean I would like to warn you that the Pacific Ocean is much colder than the Atlantic even in the summer. People who live in California tend to have wetsuits. And the best time of the year to buy a wetsuit is in the summer.) That was a little bit of a side track.


When we were on this trip we had a popup tent trailer and they are much more comfortable than just a tent.

Tent Trailer Rentals in San Diego and Orange County

You can rent something like this from this website .

We thought this was pretty easy to set up and to tow. Some of them have a kitchen and can sleep up to 6 people so it does make camping easier. So if you are going to camp with your children try to use some of the convinces that are available and enjoy the trip. Don’t just think of it as being unconfutable in a tent because there are many options and the kids will have a great time.