5/17/14 by: ADMIN

It might be hard to believe but many people love to camp in the desert. You just do not want to do that in the summer; you might not survive. Why would anyone want to camp in the desert? Well if you have never done it you will find that it is beautiful. And as long as you follow some guidelines and just use common sense the desert really is a place you can get away from it all.

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Just image waking up to beautiful scenery on a crisp morning; or taking a hike and seeing beautiful desert flowers.

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In the spring flowers are everywhere and the temperature does not get to high. Fall is also a great time of the year for the desert but you will not have the flowers. Winter can be cold and needless to say the summer is just way too hot to even be safe.

Now for some advice from my experience with these types of trips. Always go to bed early because when the sun comes up you will start to cook in your tent so you will have to get up with the sun, and at night when you are sleeping it can get quite cool so have a good sleeping bag and some warm clothes. You can always take things off but you do not want to freeze all night.

Bring tons of water, way more than you think you will need. That is one thing you do not want to run out of. And bring plenty of sunscreen; make sure you put it on first thing in the morning even if it is not hot. Remember the sun is intense in the desert even when there are clouds. Bring a hat and sunglasses.

When you are hiking you want to stay on trails remember it is easy to get lost and there may not be any other people around for days so do not lose your campground. Go with a group and have more than one car in case a car breaks down you will still be able to get out.

So go for it and have a great time just be careful and use commonsense.