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advertisement SUMMER CAMP TO GET THE KIDS OUTSIDE 6-26-14 by: ADNIN So what do you have lined up to keep the kids busy, off the t.v. / video games and outside this summer? Not the easiest thing to do. So

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CAMPING IDEAS WITH YOUNG CHILDREN 6-9-14 by: ADMIN We took a lot of outdoor camping trips when our children were young and they always loved it. Of course for the parents it is more work than staying in a hotel

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Understanding Spinnerbaits Pt. 2 Spinnerbait Tips

Hunting- 9×24, olive, beige, white. brown, wood sign, home decor, wall art, designs, signs, family, hunting, gifts. $33.00, via Etsy.

I SPY for road trips……Very cute, used when we went camping. I put these in a sheet protector and had dry erase markers. Marlee (5) was able to cross off quite a few of them!

June 24, 2014

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Deer Antler Scoring. Need to learn this so, I know what Dan and my brothers are talking about. 🙂

Keep snacks organized and reachable by corralling them in cute baskets!

Gander Mountain > YUM YUMbrella Rig – Fishing > Baits Lures > Spinner Buzz Baits > Spinnerbaits :

Girls Camp Printable Packing List and Leaders Must Haves for Camp!